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Staying on Track

In the past few weeks, I’ve concentrated on my new job and maintaining relationships. I’ve found that I am not all that happy, and I believe I’m going through a bout of depression. There are various reasons, but I am looking into therapy and possibly getting on medication to help. It’s becoming increasingly hard to concentrate on positivity in my life, and I’d like to get a sense of security.

While medication might seem like I’m giving up to some, please know that medication helps and works in many cases. A few years back, I was on prozac and I was able to focus more on positive change in my life than negative habits. After six months, I stopped taking the¬†prescription and I was able to live a happy life.

I am not going to force the doctor into medication, but I will definitely let him know that I am open to taking something and see what he or she has to offer. I hope to maintain the blog more often since I did it more for me than anyone else, though I hope it’s helped someone out there.

I am working towards getting my life settled in so many areas: mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual. It will take time, patience, and resolve. Thanks for anyone reading.


Fight Procrastination: Push!

May 15, 2011 3 comments

I find myself putting things off until the last minute. For some, they call it laziness. For others, it’s procrastination. Since I’m a pretty active person, I believe I simply procrastinate because I’d rather do something more “interesting.” I’ve even made up excuses in the past to keep from doing my work. This isn’t a healthy way of living. Instead, I’m pushing away opportunities for myself to grow and become a better person. A lot of the time, if I simply pushed or willed myself to get it over with, I was a lot happier and it wasn’t as big of a struggle as I assumed.

Usually, I convince myself there’s too much to do but so little time to do it. So, I do what I can for 10 minutes. I mentioned this in another blog Stay Clean! It’s a great way to show progress in such a small amount of time.

Sometimes, I tell myself I don’t have the mental energy to complete my tasks and I’d rather sit and watch television or play a video game. When I get to feeling this way, I will force myself into my chores or duties instead. I hold my pleasures for ransom until I’m finished with my goal. Then, I can do whatever I’d like. If I have a lot to do, and I actually need a break, I’ll set a time to do a small bit of fun and return to my chores after my set time.

At times, I even bribe myself into doing chores. “I will give myself a chocolate for each task I finish” or something alone those lines. Or, I do the exact opposite: “For every task I do not finish tonight, I will donate $5 to charity.” I lose out on money I really cannot live without, yet I’ve supported a good cause.

What do you do to fight procrastination?

Stay Clean!

May 9, 2011 2 comments

Depression can take hold of you at any moment, and it will infect your mind with the tiniest thing to keep you down. For example, you’re feeling down, already hating on yourself, and you realize the dishes aren’t washed. Your mind, thanks to depression, may use it against you to keep your spirits down. In essence, you feel bad because you feel bad, and this has kept you from doing the dishes. A constant vicious cycle which will cripple you and ruin your day.

Even I have problems staying on top of all the cleaning, and I’m unemployed! Now, instead of getting down on myself, I’ll simply create a schedule and a list of chores to be done, and I’ll finish them one by one.

I like to focus on one chore at a time. Sometimes, I’ll make a game of it and give myself five minute to ten minutes to see how much I can get done. For that entire time, I do not stop and I maintain concentration on this one task. If I’m not finished within the time frame, I will have at least put a dent in it. If I choose to, I will give myself a smaller amount of time to complete the chore and mark it off my list. Otherwise, I can move on to another task and come back to the incomplete chore later.

Also, I love not rushing around during the day: showering and getting dress to leave for work somewhere, only to sit in a stuffy cubicle somewhere alone for eight hours. Still, I should shower. I know staying clean and keeping up on my personal hygiene will make me feel better. Refreshed, revitalized, rejuvenated, relaxed… All the wonderful R’s in the world used in shampoo commercials. Plus, your friends and family will appreciate it.

My point in all this? Stay clean! It helps make you love your environment and your body, which should be treated as a temple. It’s the only one you’ll get and you should take care of it.