All About Purpose

What is All My Answers?

The articles you’ll read here are pieces of advice which help me during my life journey. They are tidbits of anecdotes which open my mind and conscious and make me feel centered. These are my answers for me; I am simply sharing them with you in hopes that they help you feel centered.

Recently, I’ve become reawakened, not in a biblical sense, but a philosophical “way of living” sense. For a period of time, I lived at peace with my life, enjoying the pleasures of what came even in the darkest of hours. Then, as winter came and killed every part of me, as it should, I lost my light, my inner peace which guides me. This site will be used to help guide me back to this path of being.

I’m a normal, average everyday type of person. I attempt to live realistically, though I am quite optimistic about life. Still, I try to see the whole picture rather than the parts I pick and choose to see. This site isn’t your typical self-help in the sense of me telling you what to do. If anything, it’s about me writing down my ideas to help myself. If you like what you read, and you decide to heed my beliefs, I am glad you received something in return.

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