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I’ve noticed, over the past few months, while trying to maintain another blog, that quite a few people still check out this blog. As I flip back through the pages and glance over the articles, I start loving this blog all over again. What started out as a long-term project going into mental health, physical health, and more, I eventually stopped focusing on it. I couldn’t tell you why. I simply stopped, partly for sanity.

I have a hard time keeping up with a schedule, keeping up with tasks and chores, and commitments. The stress of it takes it out on me. I think, as I started my job back in June of 2011, I started focusing on it and I let this blog slide.

It’s unfortunate. Apparently, it got quite a few hits back when I started. A lot of people want to know there are others out there living a similar life of uncertainty. Nobody knows exactly how to live, how to survive. Hell, sometimes we just do. For others, they cannot, may they rest in peace. But I think one thing is for certain:

We have each other.

If I’ve learned one thing these past seven or eight months, I’ve learned we need one another in order to survive. From Occupy movements, to charity work, and beyond, in order to keep everything going and keep faith in humanity, we need to reach out and help one another. I think it’s why people gravitate towards this blog. They want to hear my story. They want to know what I’ve learned during my journey to help themselves.

I cannot guarantee that I will continue this blog. The present interest has inspired me. Plus, the journey I’m taking now might call for maintaining it. As long as you are patient, and you all continue to show interest, I will do my best in continuing to share my answers with each and everyone of you.

Thank you, for bringing me back, for reminding me of why I started this blog in the first place.

  1. March 23, 2012 at 9:38 am

    omg..you shouldn’t stop that blog 😦
    You’re becoming quite an inspiration for me!

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