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Fake It if You Have to

Yesterday was a good day. I accomplished a lot of things by staying positive and in the moment. I focused on tasks at hand instead of worrying about them constantly throughout the day. During homework, I realized I was talented at using Excel, which is good, because we use it a lot at work. Plus, it’s a strong skill to carry with me towards other jobs.

Still, the day before yesterday, I felt the weight of the world crashing down on my shoulders, and I was taking it out on my boyfriend. I got so caught up in stress and worry that he called me and told me to relax. The poor guy stays by my side because he loves me, and at times, I feel bad about the way he gets treated. I try to appreciate everything he does for me. Anyway, with that phone call, I realized it was all okay. I was going to be fine despite my hectic schedule. Unfortunately, I had to trick my brain into understanding this.

You might seem confused by that statement. Wouldn’t my brain already know and understand this? Not necessarily. My mind kept going to the future and worrying about all the projects I needed, and wanted, to accomplish in order to finally settle down and relax. But that was the problem: my brain stayed out of the present moment, and I had to convince it to stay right here, in the now. And in order for me to do that, I had to fake it and make it seem like everything was okay. Eventually, after a moment’s time, I relaxed, started breathing regularly, and stopped feeling so tense.

There’s a saying “fake it ’til you make it,” and it’s pretty much true. You have to believe everything’s okay even if, by other people’s standards, it isn’t. At some point, your mind will see the forest through the trees, or however the saying goes, and it will relax. You’ll calm down, and things will be alright.

I find it difficult, especially with depression, to see the silver lining and maintain positivity throughout the day. Sometimes, you simply have to fake it to make it through. Eventually, it gets better; it always does.

Here’s a song that I absolutely love because it talks about depression, and it makes you realize how powerful you can be in situations that seem dire:

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