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The Weapon of Love

People across the country are furious with our current state of affairs and how our government handles certain issues. Particularly for me, although I’m concerned with a number of things, I concentrate on equal rights for the GLBT community. It affects me deeply being a gay man in today’s society, and certain government officials are making it hard to feel like an equal citizen of the United States.

Recently, comedian Tracy Morgan performed an act in which he said he would stab his son if he ever told his dad he was gay. Immediately, the gay community took to the Internet and blasted Morgan for his outrageous comment, as they should. Tracy came back a few days later explaining he messed up and wanted to make it right by protesting with the gays at rallies and functions to promote equal rights.

Personally, I will believe it when I see it, but I am open to letting Morgan attend rallies to show support. Part of me understands he is a celebrity on a hit show whose ratings could rapidly decrease because of his obscene comment. However, I am optimistic in believing Tracy had a rude awakening and he isn’t wanting to simply “save face”, but he’s actually wanting to make it right.

My life has been riddled with mistakes I wish I could take back, but I learned from them. I learned to become a better person by realizing I am not always right in what I say and do. So, why can’t Tracy be given the same chance?

A recent advocate for GetEqual, a year old group doing tons of great work towards the fight for GLBT equality, claimed he was done with Tracy Morgan completely. The man made a horrible comment and the advocate wasn’t willing to forgive Tracy.

If we continue to push aside the people willing to learn and grow and become better people, the fight for equal rights will be hindered. Even if we win, we will not become better people by throwing these people aside. I grew up not being given a chance by the majority because they said I wasn’t equal. I will not do the same to someone wanting to change and grow and learn from their mistakes. I’d rather be the accepting, loving person I know that I am.

Of course, this brings me to a well-known saying: “Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.” However, if we use love as our weapon and shield, we will show compassion and understanding towards those opposed to us. We will not become like them. We will be better and feel better about ourselves without feeling hurt by their actions. After all, haven’t any of us been there before: making mistakes and wanting to fix them?

Below, I am sharing a video of former KKK clan leader Johnny Lee Clary and his story about how one black man changed Johnny’s view simply by showing love. If he can change the heart of the KKK clan leader, who says we can’t do the same with those against us?

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