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Just Breathe

My boyfriend enjoys yoga. Thanks to him, I understand the necessity to be in touch with your body. Before, it seemed as though my mind blocked out a lot of the messages my body sent me. However, for me, it wasn’t yoga that put me in touch with my body; it was breathing.

I’ve mentioned meditation before, but I believe this is different. Pay attention for one moment to the way you’re breathing right now. Take a few deep breaths and notice how you inhale and exhale. Do you breathe through your nose? At times, do you hold on to your breath before releasing it? Are you taking in deep breaths or short ones?

Sometimes, I find myself not properly taking in full, refreshing breaths. When I’m upset, or tired, I concentrate on my breathing and even it out if necessary. To some of you, you might call this meditation. It’s definitely a step towards it, but I guess there’s a difference for me.

With time, I discovered various ways my body tried to tell me something: I was tired, I was mad, I was exhausted, I was dehydrated, etc. All based on the way I was breathing.

You ever notice your dog or cat panting during a long summer day? See how they lay down to relax? Well, they’re tired and thirsty. So, why wouldn’t it equate to human beings? For them, animals have less to worry about: no social events, appointments, bills, shopping, driving, or anything crazy. They take time to notice the subtle changes in their bodies.

Next time you’re not feeling too hot, take a moment to notice your breathing. Are you getting in full breaths? If not, try to even it out and see how you feel then. Take notice of the signs your body may be giving you to rest, get something to drink, or simply relax.

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