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The Power of Humanity

The ocean is drops of water coming together. – Desmond Tutu, I Am

At times, when I watch an inspiring movie, I feel the need to recreate the world and make it a better place. Within a small amount of time, I am overcome by the problems of the world and I eventually give up. Today, I watched I Am, a documentary that started out asking “What is wrong with the world?” and ended by telling us “what’s right with us to change it.” I encourage everyone to find the film and watch it as quickly as possible to feel inspired and hopeful about changing our current situation.

With changing the world, we have to realize and accept it takes only one action, one simple tiny thing. In doing so, it can set off an entire series of actions which can benefit the world as a whole. The quote above says it beautifully: society is the ocean and we are the droplets of water. If enough people begin doing one thing, eventually, society’s problems will be solved.

Do not question your actions for the sake of looking stupid. We have an innate, physical need to help our fellow man in times of crisis. Now, more than ever, we should tap into this integral part of ourselves to save humanity and shift the ideals of our current state of being.

What can you do to help save the world? It doesn’t have to be an “a-ha” moment. You don’t have to create a new foundation to solve the hunger crisis. Let it be simple. Start with tiny steps and eventually you’ll be running at full speed.

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