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Staying “Strong”

With my friends and family, I’m noticing a lot of them worrying about looking “weak”. A friend didn’t want to cry over a relationship break up because she would look weak in the eyes of others. My niece thought she’d lose friends because she would be seen as a crybaby. Even as children, we’re told not to be a “crybaby”.

Emotions are a fickle thing, and they can cause our bodies to go into fits without warning. I believe we should live in the moment of our emotions and ride them out. We should face whatever issue we’re having and learn to overcome it. It’s what I refer to as “facing the darkness”. Deep inside of us, we have issues, some deeper than others. What we think is on the surface may actually be deeper than we thought.

In staying “strong”, I find people force themselves not to face their fears or their true issues. Instead, they “overcome” the problems by ignoring them and staying “strong”. In reality, I find this makes us weak. How can we continue living a life without facing our fears? How can we teach honesty to our children when we cannot be honest with ourselves? Our emotions are valid, even if they’re seen as “weak” or “silly” by someone else. Cry if you want to cry; scream if you want to scream. Granted, be careful of your surroundings in case you’re affecting someone’s environment, such as a work place or home, but you should do what you feel.

Once you can get that overwhelming feeling gone, you can begin the healing process. Sometimes, in order to heal properly, you have to open the wound and let it bleed.

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