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How to Use Affirmations

My recent video about rewiring your brain spoke about using affirmations to help think positively. Due to a recent conversation with my boyfriend, I felt the need to explain affirmations and how to use them wisely.

Affirmations are used to help change your behavior or how you look at the world now. I use affirmations to keep me positive about myself and my current situation. It’s a wonderful way of practicing the law of attraction since affirmations are kept positive and in the present tense.

However, there is a negative to using affirmations: you force yourself to ignore emotions. For example, say you’re really sad due to the death of a family member. You might use an affirmation such as “I am over the death of my family member.” Although your behavior might change, you’re not processing the emotions correctly. You have to be honest with yourself about emotions. Understand why you’re feeling this way, first of all. You’re sad your family member died. Maybe there are underlying issues with their death. Try to burrow deep into your emotional core and bring out the truth behind the feelings. Once you’ve found the answers, you can overcome these emotions by accepting the truth.

Mostly, I use affirmations when I’m thinking negatively about myself or a situation where I don’t know the outcome. For example, there were times I was really down about being unemployed. When I would get down, I would tell myself, “I am an intelligent, successful person with many opportunities.” This helped open my eyes to new opportunities which have risen, such as this blog.

I hope this explains affirmations better. You cannot go through life ignoring your feelings by living positively. In order to appreciate the good things, you have to live through the bad and learn how to cope.

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