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To Receive, You Must Give

As I set up the All My Answers Youtube channel, I came across an old video I watched over a year ago after a bad break up about wanting love. In the video, Christine Breeze, a woman I identified upon first sighting as a hippie, spoke about people wanting to take love, expecting it even. Her message basically states, “In order to receive love, be the source of love and you will have love.”

If you haven’t read the Secret, I highly suggest that you do. The statement “Be the source of love and you will have love” is fact. Being the source of love means you have love to give. You cannot give something you do not have, correct? Then, if you’re able to give it, it means you have it. I’m not mind-raping you, I promise. In being a source of love, it means you choose, or will, to give love and this allows you to have an infinite amount of love to give, if it’s simply based upon will. Further, the Secret teaches you the law of attraction will provide additional love from various sources because you deem yourself to have love, always and forever.

I believe highly this can be transferred to other areas of life: money, career, relationships, success, health, etc. All you have to do is be the source of these things:

  • You have money, even if it’s the change in your pocket or the few dollars in your bank account. You’re not broke until you start feeling broke.
  • Start a career, make it a side job until it starts booming or continue it as a hobby. Right now, I’m using this project as my career. I’m learning about blogging and social media functions, all practical skills to use for future positions with companies. Plus, you never know, this might become my full-time career!
  • So you don’t have a man or a woman. Appreciate all the other relationships in your life! I suggest focusing on the one with yourself. You can’t be in love with someone else if you’re not in love with yourself first. Then, branch out to family relationships, friendships, close friends, even glance back at previous relationships and think of the good times.
  • Feel healthy. Breath in, breathe out, give yourself sunshine and fresh air! Move about, do something, even one tiny thing to feel relaxed and refreshed.

Be the source of what you want. In order to receive, you must give. Give to yourself first. If you’re established and you feel plentiful, give to others. I promise, more will come to you when you can begin to give.

  1. May 14, 2011 at 9:41 am

    Being true to yourself is timeless advice. Looks like you have a fun project going. It should provide both growth and happy times…


  1. May 27, 2011 at 1:38 am

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