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Right Here, Right Now

Today, I was not in the present moment. Instead, I was lost forever in the mucky contents of my brain: memories long forgotten, reliving emotions, thinking of ways to change it all if only given the chance. If Richard Moss knew what I was doing, he would probably shake his head in disappointment. Days like these come up, and today, it was really hard to get back on track.

If anything, it goes to show that being centered and in the present moment takes patience and practice. I’m no master, but I can enhance my abilities with time and confidence using a few exercises in meditation.

I find meditation is key when centering and concentrating on the present moment. Try it right now, sitting at your chair or sofa or bed. Sit up and take a few relaxing deep breaths. Focus on inhaling and exhaling long enough that you feel the overriding need to think disappear. For this tiny, brief moment, focus on the now. Forget everything else in the world, think of pitch black nothing inside your mind for a few seconds. Breath in, breathe out. With each exhale, pretend the emotion or feeling is leaving your body. Concentrate on this moment, let go of everything else holding you back in the past or pulling you forward into the future. All that matters is right now.

Meditation is a powerful tool to learn during a time of stress and depression. It’s simple and fun to learn as well. There are guided meditations found online or via iTunes, or read some basic instructions and follow them at home, work, or even school. Yes, meditation can be done anywhere at any time. I highly suggest you begin your lessons somewhere quiet.

My goal is to focus on the now. It’s okay if I slip and begin thinking back on my past. I don’t even say anything negative to myself for thinking back on it. Besides, isn’t it hard to stop thinking about your past when you keep telling yourself to stop thinking about it? Of course it is! So, tell yourself it’s okay to let your mind revert back to it. Follow the steps above and continue your lessons on meditation. Hopefully, with time and energy, your mind will focus on the present, on you, rather than your memories.

If meditation doesn’t work, I tend to write or sing, anything different which may take focus away from the past and concentrate on the present. I find music soothes the vibrations in my body and I’m able to center my focus. What kind of hobbies do you have that could easily help you concentrate and be in the present? Use these skills or trades you enjoy spending time doing to be your form of meditation.

Do what you need to do to take a vacation from your head. Trust me, it’s nicer out here than it is in there.

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